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Magnet jewelry – part 1: Marble necklace

by on Jan.16, 2011, under quickhack

Today I found a solid metal marble and I thought “Hey, that would look nice as a necklace.” The question was, how to attach it to some kind of strap so I can wear it. Well, good thing we have the good old rare earth magnets.

I decided to use two stranded chopper wires to start with. I just stripped the wires and clipped them in between two rare earth magnets. I did this on both ends of my wires. Then I attached the whole thing to the marble and voila:

I found that it looked quite nice so I decided to improve it further.

After a bit of polishing, the marble was looking really nice. To increase the stability of the necklace, I glued the two magnets together. They are really strong, but sometimes the wires just slipped out. The glue solved this problem for now. I also adjusted the length of the wires to fit more tightly.

The fun thing about it is, that you can use the magnet necklace to attach whatever you want. If you didn’t use glue, you can easily change the color of your wires as well. Just go find some small metal object and attach ist. Let me try to find some examples…

Plastic bag

The magnets are even able to hold really heavy objects like a hammer or that strange grabbing device!

The objects do not necessarily need to be magnetic. Just clip anything that is flat enough between the magnets. Unfortunately I didn’t have any gummy bear bags so I had to use that ugly plastic bag with some unidentifiable black plastic things in it.


Do not use batteries! Since both, the cables and the magnets, are conductive, you will short the battery. This is dangerous!

I hope I could give you some cool ideas. I had quite a lot of fun experimenting with the magnets.

Try it out for yourself!

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