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AutoQuad in the air!

by on Jun.24, 2014, under Multicopter

Obviously, I ditched the wooden frame due to vibration issues. The AutoQuad‘s regulators and algorithms are quite advanced and therefore require a somewhat un-crappy frame to work well. It kind of flew well with the wooden frame, but the vibrations caused issues regarding height-stabilization. In manual mode, I could barely hover the thing without it going spontaneously up and down.

Some Aluminum rods and a bit of scrap acryllic cut with the lasercutter at shackspace made up the new frame.

I also noticed that the whole thing was much to light. The RPM of the propellers were far below the point of maximum efficiency. Instead of using smaller props, I decided to increase the load. What better load could I use than more batteries? So I went and bought two hacker 5000mAh 3s packs and tucked them under the quad. That first flight was actually my first time flying more than about 15 minutes. Adding up the flight times, the batteries lasted about 28 minutes, which is quite impressive, regarding that the first few cycles of Lithium Poymer batteries usually yield a bit less capacity. I’m happy if it flies 20 minutes carrying a GoPro and a brushless gimbal later.

Here is a video I spent hours editing. It mainly shows the position hold and return to home functionalities of the AutoQuad.

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AutoQuad in the air!
Obviously, I ditched the wooden frame due to vibration issues. Watch the first flight of the new Quad!

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