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AfterFour – finally a game project

by on May.10, 2011, under Projects

Early this year, I decided to start a game project. I wanted to keep the graphics simple but still eye-catching, so I decided to make it 2D. A few weeks later, we should choose a project for school and it was clear that I’d just choose this one. So I did. I have set up a wiki for the documentation, therefore I’ll just quote it to make you familiar with the game:

AfterFour is a two dimensional top-down Shooter with focus on roleplay elements. It is set in a post-apocalyptic scenario, the Name suggests that World War 4 has just ended. In both, the third and the fourth world wars nuclear weapons were used so huge parts of the world became inhabitable. The only places where live is possible using special suits are some deserts and the south pole, where nobody lived before the wars. Even the north pole became inhabitable during World War 3.

The radiation has produced human and animal mutants and those who are still healthy try to survive and fight them back. Anarchy, food shortages and the smell of rotten flesh rule the world. Can you help those poor people to stay alive just a little longer?

You take the role of a marine, a scientist or a mutant and start on an adventure through the unfriendly world.

You can find the wiki at

Finally some media:

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