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So the RAID in my laptop crashed…

by on Feb.01, 2011, under Projects, quickhack

I told you about the brand new RAID in my laptop. Well… Yesterday it didn’t boot anymore. After some time of trial and error I figured out that the ext4 filesystem was broken. Trying to fix it with fsck.ext4 resulted in… Kernel Panic! So I tried dd‘ing it to my server so I could work on the copies. After about 250GB… Kernel Panic! Then I tried mounting the filesystem Read-Only and pulling out my files. It worked! But after about 200MB… Kernel Panic! So I had no Idea what to do now. How can dd lead to a Kernel Panic? Something must be wrong with my laptop hardware.

To fix this, I decided to attach the drives directly to my server. One of them is now mounted in an external case, just without the case. The other one is directly attached to one of the controllers in my server machine. There was no spare power plug, so I just took one from my gaming PC. How does this look? Kind of odd. See for yourself:

I am using ddrescue to pull of images from the disks. The speed is kind of slow but that is better then losing my data.

I’ll now try to assemble and mount the RAID read-only while it is copying… Wish me luck!


I could actually assemble the raid and mount the ext4 partition on it. I am now copying my important files. I hope it runs through!


It worked! I got my files.

OH and I forgot to show you that:

server drives

server drives

One thing I learned from this is: No raid and no fucking ext4 in a laptop!

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