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GoPro Hero3+ rant – reinsert battery to use

by on Mar.10, 2014, under Random

A friend of mine got himself a GoPro Hero3+ black edition camera. “Nice!” I thought, owning a Hero3 (without the +) black edition myself. But there was one major problem with the device: That sucker just won’t always turn on! The official support webpage states that in this case you should take out the battery and put it back in, and that up to TEN TIMES! How the f**k can you screw up a product that badly?

In fact, my buddy found that the whole thing is just purely random. Reinsert the battery and you get a 50% chance that the device can be turned on. If you try to turn it on while it’s charging, chances are it will crash so badly that it doesn’t even notice if the charging cable is unplugged and the charging LED just happily keeps giving light. Nice. Fail.

Just imagine you’re swimming and have the GoPro in the nice water tight case and have to TAKE IT OUT to be able to turn it on! Yeah. Nope.

The best thing about the whole story is, the replacement camera he got has exactly the same problem, with additional physical flaws. The support claims that the problem can’t be in the camera. Haha, sure.

For the whole story listen to the poor victim of bad support demonstrating the fail in the video we made together. Sorry it’s german, but there are english subs! Oh and we made this video mainly because the GoPro support wanted a video showing the malfunction. There you have it haha! Remember to share it to show the GoPro team just how hard this shot went into their own leg.

Don’t get me wrong. The GoPro cameras are nice little devices and the image quality is quite nice for such a small thing – if it works. If it was bad luck, the support could still have handled the case much better, maybe with just a little less ignorance and incompetence.

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Android dead reckoning

by on Feb.13, 2014, under quickhack, Random

One of our lecturers gave us the excercise to to over the winter holidays to write an android app in qt that reads and logs sensor and GPS data, does some calculations on them and displays the refined result on a map.

Reading out GPS and sensors from within qt proved difficult, and displaying a map was also not exactly the easiest task at all. Two weeks before the deadline, he lifted the qt-restriction. Naturally, I started the project in android studio two days before the deadline.

In the videos below you can see the result. The data has been recorded with my smartphone placed in the center console of my car.

I found out we also had to do a height profile, so I hacked this together last-minute:

It was fun playing around with dead reckoning. If anyone is interested I might post about how it works or even try to implement some proper algorithms, since this is just a quick mockup rather than anything useful. For example there is no real calibration or gravity compensation of any kind.

This was also the first time I tried to use fragments in android, which proved quite difficult because I didn’t quite read up enough to understand how they work and how to deal with their lifecycles. I obviously managed to get it to work somehow, though, but it might not be exactly the prettiest solution.



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Reviving The Blog

by on Feb.13, 2014, under Random

Hey there,

It’s been a long time since my last post. I must’ve kinda forgotten about this blog – or just couldn’t bother writing anything about my projects. I’m planning to revive this blog and try to make regular small updates even on small projects.

Some of the projects I’m going to post about include:

  • MLP – Massive LED Panel
  • 3D – Engine on Teensy 3
  • The smaller counterpart of the LED panel running snake
  • LED ring clock prototype
  • Android dead reckoning test
  • Playing with the neato XV-11 LIDAR
  • Quad- and Hexacopter Projects

Some of the projects I am planning to start in the future include:

  • A robot that brings me drinks! (using the LIDAR)
  • Ultrasonic Indoor Positioning System
  • Part database – catalogue all the stuff in your mess!!
  • FPV – Hexacopter

I also added a donate button in case you want to support some of the aweseome projects!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.



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Quadcopter preloaded: Toy for training!

by on Jan.16, 2011, under Multicopter, Random

Digging out old toys to prepare to fly the real thing! @hdznrrd has built a really expensive quadcopter and won’t let me fly. I am improving my skills by flying one of those X-UFOs. Since the batteries are dead, I attached a cable for power supply.

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New Blog

by on Jan.14, 2011, under Random

Hello there, fellas!

I finally decided to create a Blog. I also decided to keep it in english. I actually don’t really know why, but I did. It was like a 5-minute-thing anyways and now I just have it.

I’ll be blogging lots of different things, mostly about projects or other stuff I am doing, but it almost certainly won’t happen on a regular basis.

Now I’m just going to be happy about the new raid in my notebook while tweaking wordpress to my likings.

Have fun with the internet and remember not to overdo it!

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