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So I finally built a RepRap 3D-Printer. Or did I?

by on Jan.21, 2012, under Projects, RepRap

Well, I did. Here’s a timelapse of the 24 hour build process. I had some helping hands at the beginning.

24h building – 3h sleep – 1h eating/toilet/etc. = ~20h

However, I encountered some problems.

  • Drilling the holes in the aluminium plates requires a drill press or some other way to precisely drill the holes. I solved the problem by not tightening the screws very much.
  • Because the x-axis motor and idler parts were not standard, the smooth rods had to be the right lenth (or a bit shorter). I’m trimming the rods in the video at about 3AM (time in the bottom left corner). The hardened steel is quite hard to saw manually.
  • The neighbors don’t like the sound of sawing a smooth rod at 3AM, sunday.
  • There were no cables nor the right plugs shipped with the electronics. I used pc-speaker (that beeping thing inside the pc) plugs and cdrom-to-soundcard wire plugs and soldered the cables to them.
Well, does it work? No, not yet :(
I tried using ABS plastic, which normally is best extruded at about 210 to 230 °C. My ABS seemed to require even higher temperatures, about 250°C. The heat dissipation at the hot end led to my x-carriage, which is made of printed PLA plastic, to start bending under the heat. So I tried isolating the hot end. It worked, however after a short time the thermistor in the hot end bursted.
Now I’m waiting for my order, which contains some new thermistors and 2,2kg of PLA plastic filament. I’ll try getting it to work with PLA, which is extruded at about 170°C, before messing with ABS again.
I held a thundertalk at shackspace explaining my progress so far. The recording will be online soon, it’s in german though.

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