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Repaired the Shackspace Telnet Twitterclient today

by on Jan.15, 2011, under quickhack

Some time ago, back in the times when twitter made oauth the only valid authentication method, my twitter plugin for the shackspace telnet interface “Noise” broke. Today I spent hours figuring out how to complete that damn oauth authentication process just to realize that the python and other library versions on the server were much too old. After another few hours of trying to update those libraries I finally got it to work. Have a look at the beautiful output of our colorful telnet interface!

"Noise" Twitter output

The twtter module just outputs the last tweets on the timeline of the @shackspam account. Also, if /twitter <text> ist entered, it tweets the given text to the same account. The script can be easily adapted to be used as a normal shell script because that’s what it actually is. However, I would recommend just using “ttytter”, which is a nearly full-featured command line twitter client.

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Homemade wooden portal-CNC-mill

by on Jan.15, 2011, under Projects

About one and a half years ago I started a project together with a friend. Our goal was to be able to directly drill PCBs. The result was a relatively big portal-CNC-mill.

CNC from behind

The workpiece is moved along the X- and Y-Axis and the tool is providing the remaining Z-Axis. The three stepper-motors are controlled by an atmega32 microcontroller. All PCB’s on the rear of the device are made by the device itself. This was possible because at that time, most of the parts were just hacked together mid-air or on breadboards.

The mill is communicating with the PC via a simple USB-to-RS232 converter and is talking some strange custom protocol. On the PC-side I am running a very crude python-script that can basically just parse HPGL. I plan to rewrite everything in Java. This allows me to have a nice GUI and it makes keeping the code clean much easier.

Here you can see the mill in action. It is drilling the shackspace logo in acrylic glass.

Since we used stepper motors and stepper motors make noise, we can also have fun with them.

On those two pictures you can see the the device painting on a PCB with permanent ink. Notice the high precision of the drawn lines.

This is a snapshot while drilling the holes in a PCB.

This was one of our first attempts in two-sided PCB’s. As you can see, the alignment worked quite well. However, some of the signals lines dissolved during the etching process.

Feel free to comment and ask for more details. It is always hard to explain everything at once, so if you want to know something specific, just ask.

You will find more blogposts about the mill over at

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Recent changes to my laptop

by on Jan.15, 2011, under Projects

I ordered a caddy that replaces my cdrom-drive and allows me to add a second hard disk to my laptop a few weeks ago. Then I bought a 500gb hdd and put everything in my laptop. The cool thing is that I now have a raid. The caddy looks like this:

Harddisk Caddy

Harddisk Caddy

I am getting about 120mb/s reading speed with my brand new raid. Some applications start notably faster now, however, I don’t really feel the software is faster when already running. After all it is just about huge guts.

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Fortune desktopbackground

by on Jan.14, 2011, under quickhack

Today I needed a nice background. I wanted something that changes from time to time. It should be simple. I decided to take the output of the well-known tool “fortune” and render that text on top of a nice gray gradient using imagemagick. That’s what it looks like:

Fortune Background

Fortune Background

You can try it out for yourself by visiting

Feel free to ask for hints on how to do similar things for yourself!

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New Blog

by on Jan.14, 2011, under Random

Hello there, fellas!

I finally decided to create a Blog. I also decided to keep it in english. I actually don’t really know why, but I did. It was like a 5-minute-thing anyways and now I just have it.

I’ll be blogging lots of different things, mostly about projects or other stuff I am doing, but it almost certainly won’t happen on a regular basis.

Now I’m just going to be happy about the new raid in my notebook while tweaking wordpress to my likings.

Have fun with the internet and remember not to overdo it!

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